Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Second "Kate"

I was up to the armhole shaping for the back of my first Kate Cardigan in teal Classic Silk when I decided to set it aside, very temporarily, to start a second one. The new one is being knit in Lavold Silky Wool in claret.

The yarn is a DK weight and I'm using smaller needles and with these reductions, I'm going to end up with a cardigan that is smaller than the smallest size given in the pattern. This will be perfect for my Mom who is a tiny lady. Her 90th birthday is in October and I want to give it to her then.

In just one day (yesterday), I managed to knit just past the armhole shaping. With any luck, the back will be finished this weekend.

I'm loving how this is knitting up in the Lavold yarn. How is everyone else doing with their cardigan, or are you all finished and I'm just behind?

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